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Beth first contacted me in July about officiating hers and Kyle's wedding on December 29, 2013 at Barclay Villa in Angier NC. Then I met them via Skype on August 22nd. We did not meet in person until their rehearsal because they live in Orlando FL and we co-created their ceremony via email. Kyle's parents live in Raleigh and we had the rehearsal at their home the day before the wedding instead of us all traipsing all the way to Angier to the venue. 
The wedding day arrived and it was rainy and a bit on the chilly side but you would never guess from this photo. Gradually the rain disappeared and the temps warmed up a bit. Overcast skies mean wonderful color saturation, no shadows and no squinting for photographs!
Barclay Villa is a magical place. Looks like a castle and the interior decor is consistent. So rustic yet royally elegant. 
In the garden in the back is what I call the "gnome house" where we have weddings in the warmer seasons of the year. Today it was looking festive with lighted garlands adorning it.
Inside the ballroom is the beautiful staircase that leads down to the ballroom from the second floor and loft area with a balcony that overlooks the garden (not in picture). Our groom and groomsmen are coming down for photos.
So, this is the view of the magnificent ballroom area from atop the stairs. 
Looking up from the fireplace you can see the large door at the top through which is the Juliet balcony. Gregg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets was in charge of the floral decorations and they were breathtaking! Gregg was still on site when we arrived and it was good to chat with him for a bit! I have known him for almost 15 years of doing weddings together. He is a "personal florist" and does not have a retail shop. His floral creations are definitely one of a kind for each bride and always stunning.
The tables were pushed to the sides of the room for the ceremony. Here is a beautiful floral arrangement with the lights of the trees reflected in the mirror. 
Kyle and I are discussing how far over the last groomsman needs to stand for the ceremony. 
Then there was the cake table! I count 9 cakes plus some cupcakes, all made by Blue Moon Bakery
 They are all decorated individually and have different flavors. 
The "top" tier! 
Drema Joyce, the Barclay Villa event director, and I met for the first time today. She made sure all was perfect for the day. Our Wedding Coordinator and director was Brooke Everhart with Belle's Catering who catered the wedding. No chance of anything going awry with these two ladies in charge! 
After all the attendants and I had entered, it was time for Mark, father of the bride, to escort Beth down the steps and up to the altar area. The steps are rather steep and so we rehearsed that he would precede Beth step by step as she descended in her lovely wedding dress.
 Made it just fine! 
 Mark transferred Beth's hand into Kyle's then took his seat as the guests were seated. 
 Aren't those lights dazzling? So pretty. 
 The bridesmaids' dresses of coral really popped in front of the lit trees. 
What a beautiful setting for a wedding. Travis Gales was our DJ from Blue Box Weddings and the sound was perfect!
Beth and Kyle's wedding ceremony was very personalized and the guests loved hearing their love story and what they treasure about each other.
They made their vows to each other and exchanged rings. Then they placed love letters they had written to each other into the Memory Box to be opened on their first anniversary.
 The pronouncement of marriage....
 Almost got the kiss! 
 And off they go into their new adventure--marriage! 

Since the rain had stopped, we went outdoors for pictures. David and JR with Blue Box Weddings were our photographers. 
What a great wedding party! 

Beth and Kyle, what a great wedding you had. It was the last one of 2013 for me and a wonderful way to end the year. I hope you danced till you dropped and had a wonderful time celebrating your marriage with all your friends and families. It was my pleasure to work with you and officiate your beautiful ceremony! I wish you all the best forever!

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