Monday, August 9, 2010

Loewe's Papelle Bage $1045

Perhaps my prediction two years ago of the end of the 'It' bag was premature, but at least one Luxe house is moving in that direction.
From the WSJ
From 2005 to 2007, Stuart Vevers was known for creating showy studded and tasseled "it" handbags, transforming staid British brand Mulberry into a hot contemporary label.
Now he's headed in the opposite direction.
Well this sounds promising
To do that, he's been leaning toward simplicity over bling, functionality over flash. One of his newest creations: a leather version of an ordinary brown paper grocery bag for about $1,045. He's making a point of using the same bag shapes season after season—the opposite of "it" bags' short fashion cycle. And he's made sure that Loewe bags are lightweight, under two pounds. "It's kind of taking the bag back to its purest functionality," Mr. Vevers says.
I appreciate the end of the wasteful and over consumptionist (is that a word?) habits encouraged by the purposefully designed short fashion cycle,
but isn't this just the same marketing strategy of Hermes with their Birkin and Kelly bags?

I can only hope that Mr, Vevers will be as successful with his anti "It" bag designs for venerable Spanish luxe brand Loewe, now owned by LVMH, as Hermes was with the Birkin design
but can he please come up with something better than a $1000 grocery bag look alike.

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