Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barrow and Pam were married on July 31, 2010 at The Second Empire. I posted this wedding earlier but have received some photos by their photographer, Jamie Starling, which I thought I would post a few here. The color and clarity is amazing. Thanks, Jamie. Pam and Barrow originally planned their wedding to be in my wedding garden but the rain that day played havoc with all my weddings and they wisely decided to move it indoors and Marty and I were indeed grateful for their decision, having been rained on at Duke Gardens earlier! This photo was actually taken before the ceremony as Pam and Barrow were not doing the traditional "can't see each other before the wedding" custom. They were very relaxed and excited to be surrounded by their family and closest friends.
Can't you just feel how happy they are to be getting married?
Pam is saying her ring vows to Barrow who is listening intently. He expounded on his vows to her and surprised us all.
"Can you believe it? We are MARRIED!" Not their actual words but this shot was just after the kiss and I think that is exactly what they were thinking. Thanks again for the photos, Jamie!

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