Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you ever feel like your hair could use a little freshen up in terms of scent?  Pure & Petal has the solution! Pure & Petal hair fragrances are light and delicate and are designed to stay close to your hair, so your hair smells clean and fresh like you’ve just stepped out of the shower, but you can still wear your regular perfume.

Since the fragrances are alcohol free they don't dry out your hair like a regular body perfume would if you spritzed that in your hair.  The Pure & Petal scents are wonderful, my favorites are the Sublime Citrus and Heavenly Clean.  I brought my sample bottle to the Doobie Shop and spritzed in right onto my hair while it was in the rollers just before going under the dryer and once again after it dry.  My hair held onto the scent surprisingly well.  I recently went to a cookout and had the 'pleasure' of being in the direct line of smoke from the grill, but once I got home I gave my hair a few spritzes of the Heavenly Clean and it got rid of the BBQ scent.

Want to try it?  Visit Pure& for your own bottle!

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