Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Magazine has compiled the 17 Best Looks from Paris Fashion Week
So we have the good such as this Betty Page style 1940's glamour girl look by Dior
I always appreciate Galiano's historical references and his fashion in jokes
and the dress is actually wearable
And the bias cut beaded 1920s Flapper Style dress by Louis Vuitton was fun too
But what was going on at Chanel and how did these outfits come off as being in the Best list?
If they aren't bad then I'm blind
And I'm also not too impressed with Pilati's pieces for YSL
But getting to the downright ugly we've got Lanvin
OK, the navy blue dress on the left is totally minimalist chic and I would wear it any day (if I could afford it)
But what is going on with that outfit on the right, I can't even figure out what the material is
It is as though Lanvin's 'art project' jewelry from a few seasons ago has been morphed into 'art project' clothes
And this look is supposed to be one of the best of the Paris 2010 season?

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