Sunday, October 10, 2010

I suppose that most of you were raised with a certain list of rules for behavior as I was.
If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all
Speak quietly and use proper English
Don't bring attention to yourself
Never, never brag about your accomplishments or expect credit for anything you've done
Yes, I'm sure that you all know the list
In spite of this blog, in person you would find me to be a wallflower at social event, I would be the quiet woman at the side of the room nursing her glass of wine watching everyone fact you probably wouldn't even notice me.
But when it is business all these rules go by the wayside because at Beladora we don't have a publicist or a marketing department. Well, actually I take that back.  I am the publicist and the marketing department, as well as many other things and that is the primary reason that I started this blog.  
And, when I see beautiful Beladora jewelry in publications, without credit, it makes me go arrrgh.
Take these gorgeous images from for example
Great image isn't it but the snake necklaceturquoise ring, and turquoise bracelet are from with no credit (and those look an awful lot like our david webb earrings too).
OK, let's see, vintage doorknocker earrings, turquoise ring, turquoise bracelet and link bracelet from , once again with no credit.
The vintage coral ring and diamond ring, weingrill coral bracelet, marina b bracelet and vintage tassel bracelet are also not credited.
And here we have the vintage gold collar necklace and black onyx ring, once again from

Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled to have our awesome estate jewelry shown in
But if our competition is getting credit  for her estate jewelry on the Elle website, we would like to be credited too.
And, I'm promoting my brand and coming out right here in full bragging mode and telling you that Beladora estate jewelry rocks.
No other vintage jewelry website has as wide of a variety of exceptional pieces at attractive prices...or the friendly customer service...or the easy does.

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